Allow for build run for forge cli?

Just a suggestion but would it be possible to extend the forge cli to add somthing like build-run as a command so it will build and run the app with one command?

I know, whats the big deal but when doing a lot of dev work, more specifically for the web build its can be a bit tedious to continually type out the command.

Also, just as a side note it would also be great to have a flag like --bypass module check that would basically for web anyhow just do a quick copy of the src files and not check if there are not module requirements etc. This would speed up the build / run process so it would just basically copy the src files over to the development folder and then stop / start node.

Little things, yes but when developing I find that the build / run process eats up about 1 to two min each time.

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Nice requests! I’ve added two issues for these.

Build and run in one step when invoking forge run:

Performance improvements:

Please weigh in on the issue pages if you have any more thoughts to add!