Android 4.4.4 request module timing out


I got a report from one of my customers that a user using android 4.4.4 was unable to access the app, looking into it it appears its very similar to the post made in june on the request module.

When I load the app on newer versions of Android it connects just fine but when I try it on android 4.4.4 the connection times out, I see the call being made it just does not work on android. Here is what the log says… not much stuff

[INFO] [FORGE] ‘Error getting identity’
[DEBUG] Native call notification.hideLoading with task.params: {}
[INFO] { message: ‘Request timed out’,


There’s a good chance that the issue is related to SNI - the next release of the forge.request module will feature a major upgrade of the underlying HTTP library that, among other things, will improve compatibility with Android 4.4 devices.

We’ll be releasing v2.10 of the forge.request module in the next week or so, along with v2.6 of the platform.