🚨 Android app freezes on start


Somehow this seems to be related with Chrome 75. (Chrome 74 works)
All Trigger.io apps are affected, even older ones.

A lot of our customers already report this.

Here is a video showing the issue: https://android-freeze.scthi.now.sh/
It’s an empty Trigger.io app (platform version: v2.7.8, no plugins)

@antoinevg I invited you to a Github repository with the sources of the app above and some more details.


The only Android 9 device I have here is unfortunately a Huawei which seems to now be persona non grata for any Chrome updates > 74 :frowning:

I’m not seeing any issues with Android 10 and Chrome 75.

I also had a look at the adb logs you posted on the issue but I’m seeing zero references to any crashes or error messages from inside Forge. Which leads me to suspect the issue is probably with the latest Chrome WebView release.

Can you try the blank Trigger.IO app against platform v2.8.1alpha-1 and see if Android 9 + Chrome 75 dies on startup with that as well? (It will be built against the Android 10 SDK)


My god. The same here on my production application.
It work without any updates from my side since almost a year, and suddenly it don’t work anymore

I think it’s related to the Chrome engine update of the 12/June but I don’t know. I wasn’t monitoring while on holydays


It’s a XPERIA XZ1 under Android Pie and Chrome 75


I have to do exactly the same than the video of scthi to be able to boot. (destroy data of application)
Then it launch
But next launch afterkill, freeze


Also worth trying, there’s an Android System WebView beta one can subscribe to. I can’t remember how to get there, but it might be worth a shot to see if the problem is only with 75 or whether we can expect to see it in 76 as well.


I am going progressively to make some test to help you understand but:

  • Same problem on Motorola Play 2 with android 8 and the Chrome 75 update of June 12.
  • If I remove the Chrome update, it revert to Chrome 63 (quite old, but stock version) everything is ok again

So the Chrome 75 webview update seem to be the cause.


The app built with v2.8.1alpha-1 has the same issue.


Up to the latest Chrome 74 (74.0.3729.1579) everything works fine for us.


Can you try to reinstall the 75 update from the Google Play Store.

After, remove it, and reinstall it, I can’t reproduce the problem on the Motorola… Quite embarassing


Reinstalling Chrome seems indeed to work. :man_facepalming:


it’s a dirty problem

  1. XPERIA where i reproduced the problem. I keep the Chrome as it was (75, automatically updated last week).
    => I uninstall / reinstall application -> don’t work
    => I compile from Trigger.io and test -> Impossible de reproduce the problem (2.7.8 of trigger.io)
    => I reinstall production app from Google Play Store -> everything is ok !!!

  2. Samsung Android 8, Chrome 75, where app NEVER was installed
    => I install it the first time
    => Bug occured like described in initial post. Kill then freeze.

It’s really strange

So i have a new phone with the problem if you want to test something.


After 2 hours, on the Samsung, the “frozen” application is notified by Samsung Android OS like “eating the battery”. So it must be doing something actively (it don’t access my API server, i see nothing about this device)


@antoinevg Have you been able to reproduce the issue?


Still working to get hold of an Android 9 device with v75 of the WebView!


Finally managed to get my hands on a Galaxy A6+ with Android 9 and chrome webview version: 75.0.3770.101

Couldn’t reproduce.

The version in your video was 75.0.3770.89 however so it may be possible that Google pushed an update out that fixed the issue?


may be possible that Google pushed an update out that fixed the issue?

I’m not sure. Reports from customers are pilling up atm. :frowning:
I can imagine that the very list number of the version is vendor dependent and not all devices are affected.


Okay, the Huawei P30 Lite finally got a Chrome update today. Also to: 75.0.3770.101

So, some good news is that I can reproduce it on the Huawei :slight_smile:

More to follow.


Quick question if anyone is still around:

Are you seeing this issue with apps that use the httpd module?



No http module for my production app. As scthi said, even a fresh app with no plugins freeze.

If you have a device that reproduce the problem, don’t remove the Chrome update because reinstalling it seem to fix the problem. I have done it but not really sure. Strange, very strange.

And as I said, check CPU or battery usage of frozen app. It seem to work intensely (samsung device tell me that)