🚨 Android app freezes on start


I deployed the release of my app with the http module enabled, and some customers that was frozen told me it was ok right after the update. (I can’t reproduce the bug on my phones right now).

So i think it’s ok

But, don’t you think this module should be enabled by default now in trigger.io ? (maybe it’s in progress from your side)



We’ll indeed be integrating the httpd module into ForgeCore as of v2.8.x of the platform :slight_smile:

You can track the issue here:


I’m not sure if it’s the same issue, but we’re starting to see the same symptoms EVEN WITH THE HTTPD FIX IN PLACE, on Android 9.1. Does not repro on 9.0. Has anyone seen this / ideas?


Same here, is there perhaps a different version of httpd module that’s needed for 9.1 ?


Can you please give it a try on:

"platform_version": "v2.8.1alpha-4"

It’s an alpha so some other things will probably break and you’ll have to disable the httpd module as it’s now compiled in by default on v2.8.x.

Change logs here: