🚨 Android app freezes on start


Okay, here we go:

  1. bump platform version to: v2.7.9
  2. bump httpd module to version: 1.5
  3. set logging level to: DEBUG

I’ve also added some extra logging of requests to the platform as well as the httpd module that might help us get closer to figuring out what’s going on.

Can I please have the following from anyone able to reproduce the issue on their side:

  1. Your src/config.json
  2. forge run android -v output for the case where the app does not work
  3. adb logcat output during launch for the case where the app does not work

I’d also be curious to hear if the issue still occurs after the httpd module has been disabled again.

Thank you!


Am I right in assuming that you’re seeing a return of the behaviour on httpd builds?

Yes. All apps ran httpd 1.4 already.

But there is more. Not only re-installing or updating the app via GooglePlayStore “resolves” the issue, but
also a simple “Restart”.
This “Restart” didn’t help yesterday. Which brings us to the following conclusions:

  1. Mby Google change something over the air again on the Chrome installs, so the situation changed.
  2. I have no way to try-out / confirm, if your v2.7.9 release has any affect, because I can’t reproduce the issue anymore.
  3. We can’t even be sure that the v2.8-beta “really” solves the problem :-/

Very frustrating


Please email me if/when it’s reproducible again. I’d like to hop onto a video call and see if we can’t get closer to a hard diagnosis.