Apple Store Review information request


Status Update: Thursday, 30 March 08h30 GMT

  • We believe everyone’s apps are now passing review, if your app is still being rejected please get in touch with me at

Current Recommendation

  • We have bumped the latest stable release of the Trigger.IO platform to v2.5.5 and recommend that everyone use this version for future app submissions.

  • We will be temporarily maintaining v2.5.4 of the platform which is identical to v2.5.5 with the exception that Reload has been removed from the codebase.

  • We are lifting the recommendation to avoid the following modules:

    • apptentive
    • barcode
    • bolts
    • facebook
    • flurry
    • kumulos
    • parse
    • pushwoosh
    • segmentio
    • urbanairship
  • We still haven’t received any explanation from Apple for either the recent spate of app rejections or why previously rejected apps are now suddenly being accepted.


I’m guessing someone dropped the hammer on things once enough people complained, and someone actually looked a little deeper. The fact that you were willing and offered to share the source code should that come up as needed was a huge help.

Thank you, and thanks to the community for keeping the pressure on.

Y’all rock.


Heard another theory, and Apple’s ongoing silence leads some credence; A rumor I’ve heard is that a zero-day exploit was found in iOS, and Apple clamped down on certain apps that could have been used to exploit the iOS until things were verified and such. * shrug * I have zero facts to support or tear down this rumor, but it’s a theory that’s out there.