Bar code scanner item not found


Hello. We’ve been using the barcode scanner for some time but suddenly now on android the application is not found so the module does not work. Here are some screenshot of what we see.


The barcode module is built on top of Google’s ZXing library which is no longer receiving active maintenance.

As a result, when Google removed all apps targeting < API 19 the Barcode Scanner app also got hit:

Barcode Scanner app no longer available in Google Play Store

The Barcode Scanner app targets API 19, and so can no longer be updated in the Google Play store. Further, due to new restrictions on app permissions, Google has removed the app, as it does require SMS-related permissions which are now highly restricted.


The original ZXing developer has provided a ‘work-a-like’ app and made it available on the App Store:

Source code:

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I’ve pushed a version of the barcode module which uses the “Barcode Scanner+ (Plus)” app and you can get it by updating to v2.7:

"barcode": {
    "version": "2.7",
    "config": {}

All that said, this is not a permanent solution as the developer has also indicated that he won’t be maintaining it in the future.

What we will eventually have to do is rebuild the barcode module from the ground up to no longer rely on an external ZXing app:

/spend 2 hours