Barcode scanner Android 10

While this appears to be working with Android 10 it also gives a warning message now saying that is was for an older version of Android.

Any update on just building the scanner into the core?

We do have an issue for this:

That said, the amount of work required to do this is non-trivial.

It may even be unnecessary, have you looked at a Javascript alternative such as:

I don’t know if getUserMedia has wide enough adoption yet to make camera support from JS practical but you should be able to use forge.file.getImage to get the barcode image.

Thanks to the very hard work of the folk at we’ve managed to remove the dependency on a 3rd-party app in:

"barcode": {
    "version": "3.0",
    "config": { }


"platform_version": "v2.8.4"

…or higher.