Barcode scanner question on Android

I know this has been brought up in the past but looking at newer version of Android (9+) it looks like the barcode scanner is now being built into the Android Camera directly.

I was curious if there would be a way to access it directly on newer devices or OS and have a fallback to the 3rd party scanner app?

We’re generally unable to support features that are exclusive to newer Android phones due to the increase in code complexity and divergence of user experiences.

Instead, the plan is to do away with the 3rd-party app and implement in-app barcode scanning using the ZXing library so we have a single codebase and unified user experience across Android version.

You can track the issue here:

Thanks to the very hard work of the folk at we’ve managed to remove the dependency on a 3rd-party app in:

"barcode": {
    "version": "3.0",
    "config": { }


"platform_version": "v2.8.4"

…or higher.

Thats great news Antoine!

Thank you

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