Cant log-in to forge, get weird message about cookies

I went to do a build today on my Mac and when trying to log-in to the tool-kit it says

Unable to set cookies

We were unable to set cookies which means we can’t log you in. This is probably to do with your browser settings.

To use the Trigger Toolkit you will need to make sure you either allow 3rd party cookies, or have an exception for in your browser settings.

I have checked and I do allow cookies to be set, tried clearing cache, restarting etc but same message each time… Any thoughts?

What browser are you on?

I’ve just checked and it looks like Chrome broke something on their side recently.

I’ll dive in and see what’s going on but, in the meantime, Firefox is working fine.

Yah, I saw that too… Safari is not working as well (this only happens on Mac for some reason)

Anyhow, I tried MS Edge just to see and it seems to work there so I’m good!