Changes at HQ


Dear customers,

Many of you will be familiar with our company history but here’s a brief synopsis for those who have joined us more recently:

2011: Amir Nathoo and James Brady start with the mission to make it possible for web developers to build native mobile apps using HTML5.

2012: becomes publically available for the first time and the team grows to include Connor, Tim and myself.

2013: Amir & James make the difficult decision to step back from the day-to-day running of the business.

2014: I take on the role of General Manager and make a promise to support our customers and ensure the long-term availibility of the service.

2015: The service shows positive month-on-month growth and we announce v2.4 of the Platform, featuring Crosswalk support.

Today, I’m extremely excited to announce another historic is changing ownership!

I have come to an agreement with Amir&James to purchase and have incorporated a new entity “Trigger Corp, Inc.” that will provide ongoing development and support of the service.

What does this mean?

There will be no changes to the availability of the service, subscription plans or customer support.

My promise to you remains unchanged and I will continue to make decisions that place our customers and the long-term availaiblity of the service first.

Where the impact of this change will be felt most is in the long run.

The service is no longer beholden to the priorities of external investors and is now wholly free to evolve according to the needs of our customers.

How this evolution proceeds is something I look forward to discovering with you in the years ahead!

The fine print

We’ve updated the following legal notices:

Our Terms Of Service:

Our License Agreement:

Our Privacy Policy:

Whereas these agreements were previously with WebMynd Inc., they have now been transferred to Trigger Corp, Inc.

Trigger Corp, Inc. is a Delaware corporation and a wholly owned subsidiary of Zazpi (Pty) Ltd, Reg no: 2014/064494, a South African limited liability company with offices at:

35 Cockburn Rd

Glencairn Heights

Cape Town

South Africa 7975

No other changes have been made.

What’s next?

Earlier this year I promised that we’ll be providing an alternative to StackOverflow for community support and communication.

We’re live right now at: and I hope you will join me there if you have any questions regarding the ownership change.

I’m also available via email at if you have any questions or would like to set up a Skype call.

Finally, I’d like to thank Amir, James, Connor, Tim, David and the many good people who have worked with us over the years for the immense contribution they’ve made to the business and wish them the very best in their present and future endaevours.

All the best,

Antoine van Gelder
Software Engineer @

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