Error changing ios package name


I am currently on 2.6.x and was attempting to upgrade to 2.7.x. While doing so I received an error that my ios package name was not formatted properly. It was currently set (since 2013) to a single word and I assume it needs to be in the reverse-DNS format to pass validation.

Error: App config validation failed due to the following errors:

  • core.ios.package_name Field fails pattern validation

However, when attempting to change it I am getting an error that I can only have a single project under my current plan. How can I change this name without having to upgrade my plan? Thanks!


We went through a bit of a dance with package name conventions at the beginning of the 2.7.x release cycle. Google’s Gradle tools recently started breaking with some Android package names and we tried to find a way to change the Android conventions while still being consistent with iOS.

This ended up creating more problems than it solved so we decided to revert back and live with the occasional breaking package name.

If you’re on Forge Platform v2.7.4 or higher your old package names should work again.

I’ve also reset your package count if you’d still like to switch names.


Thank you for the quick follow up. I will try out 2.7.4 and will reply if I have any further issues. Thanks again!


Sorry the the delay in getting back to this. Finally got around to trying to make an update and received the same error about an invalid package name:

Error: App config validation failed due to the following errors:
core.ios.package_name Field fails pattern validation

I have tried and received the same error on 2.7.7, 2.7.6, 2.7.5, and 2.7.4. I was attempting to use a new package name, but that then required I make a new app in the app store, which is less than ideal.

I want to say I tried out your fix shortly after your post and it seemed fine. Did it somehow regress?



What is the package name you’re trying that’s throwing the error?


DecisionLogic is the current bundle name that is throwing an error when we try to build


Ah okay, my apologies, I didn’t realise you had a non-reverse DNS package name!

So this is an issue distinct from the most recent validation changes we made.

A while back Apple started rejecting Trigger.IO apps that didn’t use a reverse DNS package name which marked the first time we introduced name validation on the field.

I don’t know what the situation will be from Apple’s side if you tried to resubmit a new version of your app after they changed the rules but from our side there’s no easy way for us to bypass the validation rules on a case-by-case basis.


Ahh, gotcha. Thank you for the info, we will continue down the route of issuing a new app with reverse-DNS notation for the package name.