Final removal of UIWebView support

Hi Trigger peeps!

As you may or may not know Apple will be finally deprecating the old UIWebView web view component for new app submissions in April 2020 and for app updates in December 2020.

The vast majority of our customers have already made the migration to WKWebView by now so this is about the timeline for the final deletion of the UIWebView support code from the Forge runtime.

We’ve been wanting to do this since the initial release of the v2.8.x platform version last year but have obviously held off to give everyone as much time to migrate as possible.

Apple have now finally started issuing warnings for new builds that contain any references to UIWebView support so the time is almost upon us.

In the first week of March 2020 (next week) I want to push out a new staging release which finally deletes the UIWebView support code from the platform.

That will give everyone a month to make sure their apps aren’t affected by the change.

This may also have the side-effect of breaking things for anyone who is still on UIWebView. If you are in that group of folk, please feel free to post any issues you’re having in this topic so we can help you get switched over ASAP!

More information on Apple’s recent warnings:

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I’ve just pushed platform version v2.8.6 which removes the last remaining UIWebView code from the Forge runtime.

You can update by bumping your platform version as follows:

"platform_version": "v2.8.6"

You can check if your app still contains any references to UIWebView after rebuilding against the new version and running:

cd <your app directory>
nm development/ios/ | grep UIWebView

If all is well you should get a blank result.

If your app is using the parse module you’ll also need to edit your app’s src/config.json and update it to v3.2:

"parse": {
    "version": "3.2",