Forge Platform v2.10

You can find the release notes for the latest Beta versions of Forge v2.10 here:

I’ve also started working on the migration guide which you can find here:

Known issues with the release can be found here:

When reporting issues, please include:

  • Your application’s src/config.json and src/identity.json files.
  • Your host operating system. (e.g. macOS, Windows)
  • Details of the hardware you are testing on. (e.g. iPhone XR, Pixel 3)
  • Which version of Android/iOS you are testing on (e.g. Android “Pie”, iOS 12)
  • Any log output leading up to your issue. (e.g. output from the forge command, the contents of forge-error.log and/or any relevant output from adb logcat )
  • Any sample code we can use to replicate the error.


What happen for an app that is currently on Store and compiled with 2.9, if user update to ioS 15 ?

Will it stop working completely ?

Is the project DEAD ?