Forge Platform v2.7

It’s that time of year again! :slight_smile:

Google have already pushed Android Pie into release but we’re still waiting for Apple to release the final versions of Xcode 10 and iOS 12 before we can push out the final release for Forge Platform v2.7.

Until then you’ll be able to find the release notes for the latest Beta versions of Forge v2.7 here:

We’ve also published a comprehensive migration guide which you can find here:

When reporting issues, please include:

  • Your application’s src/config.json and src/identity.json files.
  • Your host operating system. (e.g. macOS, Windows)
  • Details of the hardware you are testing on. (e.g. iPhone 7, Nexus 5x)
  • Which version of Android/iOS you are testing on (e.g. Android 8.0, iOS 11)
  • Any log output leading up to your issue. (e.g. output from the forge command, the contents of forge-error.log and/or any relevant output from adb logcat)
  • Any sample code we can use to replicate the error.