Forge Platform v2.8


Both Android “Q” and iOS 13 are now in beta and we’ve begun the process of updating the Forge Platform to support the releases.

We’re trying something different this year and will be making early access releases available right at the start of development.

Be warned though, this means things are likely to break more often than not! :slight_smile:

The final v2.8 release will be in Q4 2019, probably shortly after Apple releases the iOS 13 GM to the public.

Until then you’ll be able to find the release notes for the latest Alpha/Beta versions of Forge v2.8 here:

We’ve also started working on the migration guide which you can find here:

When reporting issues, please include:

  • Your application’s src/config.json and src/identity.json files.
  • Your host operating system. (e.g. macOS, Windows)
  • Details of the hardware you are testing on. (e.g. iPhone XR, Pixel 3)
  • Which version of Android/iOS you are testing on (e.g. Android “Pie”, iOS 12)
  • Any log output leading up to your issue. (e.g. output from the forge command, the contents of forge-error.log and/or any relevant output from adb logcat )
  • Any sample code we can use to replicate the error.

listed #2


This is great news, thanks for being proactive about these platform updates. Hope we can get into some testing soon :slight_smile: