Forge.share.item and forge.tabs


We want to call forge.share.item while a tab is open via forge.tabs on iOS.
What I can see also in catalyst is, that forge.share.item is still pending and do not succeed while a tab is open.
It was tested with the same call and the same share object.

Is there any workaround or advice we could use forge.share.item with an open tab?


What is your use case with this?

Correct me if I’m wrong here but are you trying to trigger a ‘share’ from an item inside your tab?

If so are you using

forge.tabs.openAdvanced or modalBrowser.executeJS

That should allow you execute JS that way


We want to call forge.share from inside a forge.tabs.openAdvanced


We have a message protocol, which sends commands to the hosting application, where forge is available. There the call to forge.share.item is made.

If the website is is opened as an iFrame, the share menu is shown, if it’s opened in the tab module, the request keeps in the pending state.


The tab module is designed as a modal dialog which may be blocking the share dialog.

If this is the case there’s not a lot that can be done in the short term as they’d then be incompatible with each other.

That said, if you put together a small standalone example and share it via github I’ll be happy to take a look.