Import an app not working in new account


We have created a new trigger io account and trying to import the existing project that we had created with an older trigger io account however we are getting the following error,

Note that the folder I am selecting has the src folder present in it.

I also edited the config json file with the author’s name and project name with my new account.

  1. When the selected path of the project folder with a trailing slash
    Error: Failed to import app: Already have an app imported from project path

  2. If I will remove the trailing slash from the path,
    Error: Failed to import app: Forge API call to app/a77fb4a80e0311e6a9de12313b0234c0 went wrong: Unknown error

Can you please suggest to resolve this issue asap?

Thank you

Please note that you can only import apps between accounts if all accounts belong to the same project. (

If all accounts belong to the same project:

  1. Don’t make any edits to the src/config.json file or other project files before importing.

  2. Make sure the src/identity.json file is present.

  3. Make sure you are logged into the correct account.

  4. You may need to delete the local app cache and reboot if you were previously logged into a different account:

    <path to toolkit>/build-tools/local_apps.json
    <path to toolkit>/build-tools/local_modules.json
    <path to toolkit>/build-tools/local_plugins.json

Also see:

Thanks Antoinevg,

We actually changed the trigger account which was not belongs to the same projects.
So, we created a new project and set everything in the project.

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