IOS 13 wkwebview inline video playback


This is not really new but coming off the older uiwebview to wkwebview the html5 inline vid does not work any longer. Looking online it appears there is a flag that can be set for the wkwebview

Any way this could be exposed in the configs?

The browsersettings module should let you do this:

"browsersettings": {
    "config": {
        "media_playback": {
            "inline_video": true,
            "autoplay_video": true,
            "enable_background_audio": true,
            "enable_html5_audio": true
        "accept_cookies": true
    "version": "1.6",

Hi Antoine,

Let me give this a shot!


It does not seem to be working…

here is the code I’m trying to run

The config looks like this

“browsersettings”: {
“version”: “1.6”,
“config”: {
“media_playback”: {
“inline_video”: true,
“autoplay_video”: true,
“enable_background_audio”: true,
“enable_html5_audio”: true,
“respect_playing_audio”: true
“accept_cookies”: true

I’m using wkwebview just a still image on the screen

I have spent way too much time on this and it still does not work, so I’m just going to abandon the effort at this point however what I was able to determin is that, for some strange reason iPad honors it, while iPhones (simulator [iphone 11] and device [iPhone XR]) do not.

To test this out, I used as basic a setup as possible

<!doctype html>
<html lang="en-US">
<video id="merivideo" autoplay loop muted playsinline webkit-playsinline src=""></video>

Not my video, was used for testing only. I’m using the browser extension module for plays inline etc but still will not work, just a still picture. I figure this is more of an IOS issue but not sure why ipad would work and iPhone would not, seeing as they are the same 13.3 OS version they should be the same mobile safari version as well.

Whoo boy, thank you for digging into this!

I’ve now also investigated on our side and the following turns out to be the long and short of it:

  • iOS 13 no longer allows you to modify WKWebView configuration attributes after it is created. This is why the allowsInlineMediaPlayback attribute was not being respected.
  • The webkit-playsinline DOM attribute for the <video> tag has been promoted to playsinline and iOS 13 does not provide backwards compatibility for the vendor-prefixed version :man_facepalming:

I’ve pushed some fixes and the following works for me now:

  • Update platform to: "platform_version": "v2.8.5"
  • Update browsersettings module to "version": "1.7"