iOS App Deployment on Linux



The documentation on this is a bit outdated. How would I get my app to my testers with TestFlight on Linux? All tutorials I found online and even App Store Connect it seems requires either XCode or Application Loader(both mac apps).

Furthermore, as I will soon be releasing my app, how could I edit the startup screen and icon of the app for release?


Over the years Apple have progressively made it harder and harder to do any kind of iOS development on non-Apple platforms.

As far as I know there is no longer any way to upload apps to TestFlight or iTunes Connect without a Mac.

EDIT: Someone also suggested you should take a look at:

If you don’t have access to a Mac one option may be to try a service like:

You can set a custom icon & launchimage with the icons and launchimage modules:

Please note that apps including the icons and launchimage modules can only be built if you have an active subscription.


Thanks, when uploading via Application Uploader I got an error: “Invalid Code Signing Entitlements” Your application’s bundle signature contains code signing entitlements that are not supported by iOS. …value for key ‘application-identifier’ is not supported.



This may be because the core.ios.package_name field in your src/config.json file is one or more of:

  1. Not set
  2. Set to an invalid value
  3. Out of sync with your provisioning profile
  4. Being used with a development provisioning profile rather than a production profile


Forge seems to set the value to my Apple TEAM ID, but the App Store wants the value to be


However when I put that in config.json for package_name I get an error:
Forge API call to app/appid/build went wrong: Value u’’ for field ‘package_name’ does not match regular expression ‘^[a-z][a-z0-9-]*(.[A-Za-z0-9-]+)+[0-9A-Za-z-]$’

teamid and appid have been redacted