IOS app opens safari browser onload?


I was trying to do a test build of a new app and right after it loads up it then opens a new safari browser to localhost, that in-turn says ‘safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid’


To use the httpd module you will also need to add an entry for the local server to the core.general.trusted_urls directive in your app’s src/config.json:

"core": {
    "general": {
        "trusted_urls": [



Thanks Antoine that worked!

Not sure if there is one or not but is there an FAQ for httpd that has a collection of the nuances?


Antoine, I just tried to build again on IOS with the most current version of httpd and its doing the same thing again, I have all the trusted URLs in place but it still jumps out to a browser when I load up the app


Ok, so I got this working, it appears IOS is now using the IP based URL vs localhost. I had to add the IP to the trusted URLs