Ios build on windows?


Hi, I know this was not working a while back but has this by any chance started to work? I was trying to run it off a windows box to test but got a message

[ ERROR] 2017-11-21 21:48:41,973 – [Errno 2] No such file or directory: u’/private/var/folders/y8/jsy8b0s57nz8lqt3_rgnnvd00000b2/T/tmpeAgiLg/assets/’


iOS builds should still work fine on Windows but the only way to run iOS apps now is to drag the forge package'd app into iTunes and provision from there.

Basically what happened is that Apple abruptly changed the provisioning protocol for iOS hardware a few years ago and it doesn’t look like they have any plans to release documentation for it.



When I try and do this from a PC I keep getting ‘iPhone: no identity found’ and it does not produce the ipa file. I have the correct cert in place etc but it I’m guessing can not find my phone?


The "no identity found" error is usually generated if there’s an issue with the certificate setup in your app’s local_config.json file.

  1. Double check that you’ve specified the correct certificate.
  2. Double check that the value in "ios" -> "profiles" -> "DEFAULT" -> "developer_certificate" matches the certificate you provided.

The "developer_certificate" field should look something like:

"iPhone Developer: FirstName LastName (XXXXXXXXX)"


"iPhone Distribution: FirstName LastName (XXXXXXXXX)"

You can also get a verbose log that may shed some more light if you run packaging with the verbose flag set:

forge package ios -v