IOS Crashes with 'capture' permission



I was recently updating an app and it used the file module for file and camera access. This worked fine but for some reason, the camera option stopped working ( this is odd in itself as I have a similar app built with the same config and it works)

Anyhow, regardless of that, I figured I would try the capture module instead. This seemed to allow the option for ‘camera OR file’ but when I select ‘Camera’ the app crashes. I added the permissions module for ‘capture’ but still, the app crashes.

each time.


There was a bug that caused a crash with the capture module but it has been fixed quite some time ago.

Are you sure you’re:

a) using the latest platform_version (v2.7.4) and

b) also have the file module enabled?

You shouldn’t need to use the permissions module unless you want to handle the permission requests manually.


Hi Antoine,

I just ended up using the capture module and that seemed to work… Oddly enough the config is identical to another app that uses the file module (works just fine) so I’m not sure what is going on but as noted… Its working now.