iOS device not recognized

Trying to run via commandline using

forge run ios

Getting this:

[ INFO] Installing app on device: is it connected?

The device is connected and shows up in the xcode device list. Any suggestions?

Unlikely to be on our end.

Off the top of my head:

  • Make sure device is running the latest iOS
  • Make sure latest Xcode is installed
  • Check Xcode device manager to make sure device isn’t still downloading debugging info
  • Try unplugging and replugging device
  • Try a reboot
  • Make sure device is registered for development
  • Make sure device is in provisioning profile

We’ve tried all of those and no dice. Maybe something changed with ios-deploy and catalina? It’s odd that the device shows up in the Devices window for xcode, but is not recognized with ios-deploy.

It’s working here on Catalina with both the latest iOS13 and iOS12 releases on an iPhone Xr and iPhone 5s respectively.

Can you try running your app from the command line with verbose logging turned on:

forge run ios -v

forge run ios -v

gives me

[ DEBUG] [ 70%] VerifyingApplication
[ DEBUG] Error 0xe8008015: A valid provisioning profile for this executable was not found. AMDeviceSecureInstallApplication(0, device, url, options, install_callback, 0)
[ DEBUG] Failed to run /Users/will/kidreportsllc/angular-legacy/.lib/ios-deploy --debug --unbuffered --noninteractive --bundle /Users/will/kidreportsllc/angular-legacy/development/ios/, but was told to carry on anyway
[ DEBUG] <ForgeTask (ios)> has finished

Not sure if you have looked into it or not but its saying your Provisioning profile is not valid. Maybe make sure the path to the file is correct and the cert associated with it has not expired?

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Well it appears to be working now with the latest Catalina upgrade to 10.15.3. Thanks all for your help.

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