Ipad splash image


I have noticed that with iPad portrait, the image is always way stretched out. I have test it a few times and not matter what I do the image always seems to get cut off and stretched like its being zoomed-in and cut off. Is there any way to fix this?

As noted it only seem to impact the ipad portrait view


This is a consequence of the changes Apple made when they replaced the old system of having a separate launchimage asset for every screen size.

This means the image will be zoomed/cropped on some devices to fit.


So what does this mean actually though? I have two regular Ipads and both zoom-in in landscape view and changing the position etc does not seem to have any impact on the zoom?

I’m just trying to figure out the best way to go about this or are iPads portrait view always going to zoom?

Sorry I’m just trying to figure out why its zooming on the iPad, I understand there are some considerations they need to make when using less image, just curious what may need to be done to my images to prevent this



Apple have never been all that clear about how static launchimage assets are displayed on the different kinds of iOS hardware so your guess is about as good as mine at this point! :neutral_face:

Some things that may help: