Issue with Parse 2.17 module



I was doing some testing and upgraded my config to all the latest modules and forge build ( testing on android )

Now when I build and run the app ( this is very basic, not even calling the parse server to subscribe ) it appears the parse server runs at app runtime and then crashes the app.

To test this, I dropped down the parse module to 2.16 and the crash does not seem to happen and it only seems to happen when ‘Close’ the phone ( meaning I press the power button to make the screen dark but not actually shut the phone down)

When I reopen the device a few seconds pass and I get a crash screen.


We’ve also seen a similar issue on our side but haven’t yet managed to reproduce it reliably.

It might be related to:

I’ve pushed parse 2.17.1 which updates the Android Parse SDK to 1.16.3 which includes a fix for the above issue:

"parse": {
    "config": { 
    "version": "2.17.1"

Could you give it a try on your side and see if it helps?