Latest "Android Webview" update make applications crashed



We have a big trouble with our apps. (It’s a first in 2 years).

Since the latest “Android WebView” update from Google, our customers can not launche apps build with

In comments of the application on the Google Play Store we can see that customers complain about some app crash since update.

Apps on Cordova don’t crash at launch.

Could you try on your side and try to understand what is causing those crash (systematic) with the latest update.



Have you tried building with chromium? We switched a while ago for this very reason


Do you mean Crosswalk?


It’s true that depending on “Android System Webview” is very random, and depend on Google updates.

Maybe i am going to compile with Crosswalk, i have to check if everything is OK.


If you can reproduce the crash on your side the following should give us a better picture of what’s going on:

  1. The output from running adb logcat in a terminal, starting the app and then letting it crash.
  2. App src/config.json
  3. Android Chrome Version: Settings => Apps => Chrome
  4. Android version of devices affected.
  5. Manufacturer & Model of devices affected.


After hours of code analysis, I found that it’s javascript code that trigger a crash of Chromium (the latest “Android System WebView” update from Google). It don’t crash with Chrome version included in Crosswalk.

Just calling “new Worker(…)” on my app and launching it on will crash the app.

On the desktop version , with the same Chrome version, it don’t crash.

new Worker() create a “blob” URL (i quite don’t know what it is), an URL that appear on Chrome Desktop as “blob:http://…”

I absoluterly don’t know why It don’t work when running in context.

I patch avoiding using Workers but it’s strange…