Migrating To The Open Source Parse Server

From v2.15 onwards the Parse module makes it possible to migrate apps to the Open Source Parse Server.

This topic is intended for anyone who wants to share their experiences or ask questions from others who have already made the shift.

Off the topic, I know, but ugh… Parse became the biggest heart breaker of the year last year :frowning:

Tell me about it, send me scrambling because we had a bunch of things built with it and the api, not that pushwoosh is bad but it’s not as clean as parse was, and it was free!

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i moved to the parse hosting service “https://www.sashido.io/”. The support, service and web admin is really amazing.
It works perfectly with latest Trigger.io Parse module.

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Seems like it’s a little more expensive then pushwoosh, we get 15 apps for like 60 a month… but that’s here nor there really, does it have an api?

Also do you know if it supports two p12 for both dev and prod?

I know pw does not so I have to build Adhok to test before… yes way off topic!

I will look when i am at work and create a new topic in the forum to not interfere with this important thread.

I’ve moved y’all to your own thread :slight_smile:

Thanks antoine… more options for push servers is nice, although pushwoosh works it just seems clunky compared to parse… not sure why

Looking at some of the open source parse options it’s mind boggling why Facebook would cut off this arm… I mean they could have just said, we are now going to charge 5 bucks a month and I bet everyone would have been like… ok…

Anyhow I’m going to have to try these out because I liked parse way more then pushwoosh, simply because of the ui, found it a lot cleaner

Sorry for the delay. Work, work work… And happy with trigger.io :slight_smile:

Sashido.io is really great after parse migration. I never had an incident or to think about them :slight_smile:

I asked them about dev/prod certificate. The answer is :

“Yes you can upload multiple production and development certificates and use them at the same time in a single application”.

I didn’t try it, but they are 100% ok about what they say.

I actually went with them for one of my apps, really easy and much better then pushwoosh on the ui and features… so it lIke I may be migrating again :slight_smile: wish they were around before the first switch

I think the best Open Source Parse Server right now is back4app is a great parse alternative for push notification and also comes with more features than the defunct parse

might be spam, kicking up a very old topic :slight_smile: but Back4App is ok but their pricing was not as good, actually sashido.io pricing offers quite a lot more then back4app

Full disclosure, I have not done an apples to apples comparison on the glass sashido.io appears to offers most of the same things at a lower price when comparing features for cost

After 1 year of using Sashido.io, i am very happy with it.

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