Module size limits



I am working with creating custom module for Google Ad . Framework size is 139 MB . I followed steps given in trigger IO documentation :

If the library is a framework you will need to browse the contents of the framework and add the main framework file (which will be the name of the framework with no file extension) and any headers to the ForgeModule manually.

This makes my module file size (module.a) 139.9 MB . When I am trying to upload version then its loading forever. So not able to upload module

Just checked by uploading small module.a file , In face It is not uploading small files also . Please suggest the workaround.


Modules larger than 50MB cannot be pushed to Forge.

Small modules are uploading fine when tested from our side, please check again from your side.


So , is there any other workaround for this ? Because the Google Ad framework itself is 139 MB so anyway I have to add it .