New feature: Forge command line tools are now available via npm

For customers who don’t like using the Trigger Toolkit or would like to provision their CI environments more easily we’ve made the Forge command line tools available via npm.

The distribution is identical to the one that ships with the Trigger Toolkit and the basic usage is as follows:

Create an app

mkdir my_app
cd my_app
npm init

npm i @triggercorp/forge --save
npx forge create

Build app for Android and run it

npx forge build android
npx forge run android

Build app for iOS and run it

npx forge build ios
npx forge run ios

Global installation

npm i @triggercorp/forge -g
forge version

# Or, if your npm installation requires root permissions for a global install:
sudo npm i @triggercorp/forge -g --unsafe-perm=true

We’ve tested it on Linux, macOS and Windows but would be grateful to hear of any issues with your local setup!

For the curious, the packaging files can be found here:

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