No Android push notifications with Pushwoosh Module 3.6.0


This issue is related to the following post:

After upgrading to pushwoosh module 3.6.0 from 3.2.0 our Android apps no longer receive push notifications. The iOS app receives push notifications.

I have some questions about this issue:

  1. What issues does pushwoosh module 3.6.0 resolve (just the dependency issue in the above mentioned post?)
  2. The above post mentions supporting pushwoosh wildcard dependencies in version 3.8 in the 4th quarter. Is that still necessary with the introduction of module 3.6.0? If so, why?
  3. How widespread is the failure of receiving Android push notifications?

This problem is serious. Any tips are appreciated.


This is my fourth message about this issue. I have received no responses. It looks like support at is weak or nonexistent. :frowning:

The change to Pushwoosh module 3.6 breaks Android push notifications. This is due to the new use of Google Firebase libraries. There is a pushwoosh article with instructions to migrate from GCM to FCM

I have followed those instructions.

There is also an article on how to configure with Pushwoosh. I also followed those instructions.

I am getting the following error in Logcat:
2019-07-10 15:22:28.902 4673-4673/? D/FirebaseApp: Default FirebaseApp failed to initialize because no default options were found. This usually means that was not applied to your gradle project.

I have put the google-services.json in the src folder as the pushwoosh instructions indicate. Forge puts the google-services.json is put at the top of the dist folder. Maybe that’s the wrong location?

The app properly received push notifications for version 3.2 of the Pushwoosh module for

Has anyone else dealt with the problem and have useful tips?


Hi David,

As I have pointed out to you repeatedly:

The PushWoosh module is maintained by They are the only ones who can help you with your problems.

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