Parse 3.x module


I noticed there is a new parse module, however its not the ‘default’ I had a few questions, most specifically the requirement for 3.1.3 as the parse server. We currently use who is not on 3.1.3 but does support the fire-base portion.

My question is, is 3.1.3 a requirement as its stated? or would it work with a lower version with fire-base support

Additonally, when testing with Crosswalk ( I know, its no longer supported but its still used because some phones like to use their stock browser and mess things up)

I get this error message

Task :ForgeInspector:processCrosswalkReleaseGoogleServices FAILED

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

  • What went wrong:
    Execution failed for task ‘:ForgeInspector:processCrosswalkReleaseGoogleServices’.

File google-services.json is missing. The Google Services Plugin cannot function without it.
Searched Location:

If I run it with regular android, it works, however Crosswalk I get this message


I do not know what the situation is with

If they work with other apps built against the Parse SDK then there shouldn’t be any issues as we’re not doing anything special on our end.

re: Crosswalk

I’m afraid that’s finally it for Crosswalk, we had a really good run and managed to keep it going way past the expiry date.

It should still work for a while longer if you’re compiling against older Forge platform versions but the changes needed to support Firebase Messaging have also unfortunately killed it as a viable target moving forward.


I Antoine,

On the crosswalk side, I was actually able to get it to compile by adding the JSON file to the crosswalk template of my project… dont know if it works yet as has not updated the parse version to 3.1.1 (they said they would this week) So once they do I cant test it out.

I know Crosswalk is way out of date, however I’m just not sure how to maintain consistency when vendors like Samsung like to roll their own browser for some reason. I have had issues where it will default to that browser and muck things up so I have been putting it off :smiley:

Also, just as a side note… Maybe if possible as a workaround if building against crosswalk still you could have the file copied to the ‘src/crosswalk’ directory during the build (that’s where I placed it and it did the build) to squeeze out a little more juice


So I just tested it, and surprisingly it worked :slight_smile:

As mentioned above, if you move a ‘crosswalk’ directory in the .templates of your project and place the JSON file there, it build and pushs seem to work.


I’ve pushed this to Forge Platform v2.7.7 for you but cannot make any guarantees re: long-term side-effects! :grin: