Reload Question


Just curious, can reload update push server information for something like parse?

Basically, I am using a parse server for push notifications and I’m wondering if I were to switch parse server endpoints and keys if this could be updated via reload or would need to be a resubmit


The short answer is that to change endpoints & keys you’ll need to change the settings in your app’s src/config.json file, rebuild your app and resubmit it.

The longer explanation is that a reload push is always associated with a specific build configuration of your app.

This ensures that a reload which depends on a specific set of modules to be present will only ever be sent to instances of the app which were built with that specific module configuration.

The way we determine the build configurations that will receive a given reload is to look at the hash of the src/config.json file used to build a given instance of the app.

This is why any time you change the src/config.json it will require both a new binary build as well as result in a brand new reload build configuration.


Ok, that makes sense.Thanks Antoine!