Sharing do not work for some URLs


We try to use this public URL as an image for forge.share.item

This works for iOS. What means the device sharing is opened.

On Android we get this 400 error and the device sharing does not open.

The same behavior is, when an image does not exist.
Is that what it’s meant to be, or is it a bug?


On Android we need to cache images locally before we can share them. It’s possible that Android’s http library has bugs that causes it to fail for some URL’s.

I’ll take a closer look however when we get to the module during the v2.8.x development cycle:


Thanks, for our customer we will leave the image out in the first cycle.


I’ve pushed a fix for this to "version": "1.3" of the module.

You will however need to be on Forge platform v2.8.1alpha-3 or higher to use it:

We’ll be releasing the final version of 2.8.1 towards the end of September so, unless you need it urgently or don’t mind dealing with pre-release bugs, you may want to hold off a bit :slight_smile: