Strange behavior with localforage again with Android


So this is odd…

I have my app and have for a long time, set it to use crosswalk. So going forward I wanted to start to target just the default android build so I targeted the android build and ran it with the same configs I had with crosswalk

port set
trusted URL set to local host etc

When I run it, it wont seem to store not matter what I do, but crosswalk it still work?


Weird… you definitely shouldn’t be seeing that if you’re already using the httpd module and have a fixed port set.

Have you tried manually deleting all versions of your app from the phone and rebooting?

We’ve seen some devices/Android-versions get a little uptight when installing over a crosswalk version with a standard android version.



THis is really strange but I think it may have something to do with Samsung devices? When I do a test to see what browser its using, Android build pops up “Chrome 4” where crosswalk is chrome 53.

If I try and build with Android it just will not work, indexed DB is not working… any way to force chrome and not old, out dated browsers?


It sounds like the system webview for the device in question is maybe a little old?

What Android version and hardware are you running?

You could maybe try:

Otherwise, at least for that device, Crosswalk is probably going to be the only way you can get access to the storage API’s.