TabBar Font face


Hi, is there any way to customize the font face for the tab bar? I have an urgent need to customize the footer text to be a specific font face.


The Tab Bar is a native component so the look & feel is enforced by iOS/Android SDK’s.

While it is possible to fork the module and override the system defaults this tends to break between operating system updates so I really can’t recommend it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Generally, if you need custom versions of native screen elements, my advice would be to implement them in HTML/CSS.


Hi Antoine, what would be the steps needed to update a module with it? This app will only be live for like 2 months so I’m not too concerned with the newer versions.

I tried to fork the tabbar but when I try and run gradle I get task updateModule not found in root…


I haven’t done it myself, but if you dig a bit in StackOverflow for examples of how folk have overridden default styles for the controls you should find a couple examples.

re: gradle issues

I’m not sure how you’re running things on your side, but the workflow for me is:

  1. Fork module

  2. Import forked module into my project in the Trigger Toolkit

  3. Hit update inspector for iOS & Android

  4. Open module in Android Studio

  5. Develop as per usual inside Android Studio

  6. When it’s time to do a release, either select “updateModule” within Android Studio or drop to the command line and:

    cd inspector/an-inspector
    gradle updateModule


Drop me a ping on if you’re still not having any luck with getting gradle running.