Tabs modul iOS and do not work since iOS 12.2


Hey Antoine,

Using the tabs modul iOS and do not work since iOS 12.2.
Is that well known or are there any planned fixes for that?

We have customers who are integrated via tabs modul and who are using on their website.
We tested on the same device with the same app, that their behavior works on iOS 12.1.3.
After just an update to version 12.2 their button do not work anymore.


This is a known issue with UIWebView on iOS 12.2.

See, for example:

Unfortunately this is something Apple will have to fix.

In the long term we are migrating the tabs module to use WKWebView instead. There’s quite a complex list of dependencies to doing this so I cannot give an estimate on when it will happen.


Ok, good to know and thanks for fast reply.
Now we have a discussion base to our customer.