Tabs Module Inspector doesn't work with WkWebView


My manifest.json looks like this:

    "changes": "* Android P support.",
    "description": "APIs to deal with opening browser tabs and external sites within your app.\n\nThe tabs module allows you to open external sites in an un-trusted popup view that your users can close at any point.",
    "min_platform_version": "v2.7.6",
    "namespace": "tabs",
    "platform_version": "v2.7.6",
    "version": "2.23"

Besides that, I’m using the latest version from

What i did:

  1. Starting the inspector with the default settings works. Breakpoints also work.
  2. Adjust ForgeInspector > assets > app_config.json and add "webview": "WKWebView"
  3. Start Inspector again. Now the “Run interactive tests” button is not responding. Breakpoints don’t work.

See the following recording:


I don’t think we’ve ever supported WKWebView in the inspector.

Does it work when trying to use WKWebView with other module inspectors?


Does it work when trying to use WKWebView with other module inspectors?

I didn’t try that. My goal is to have the same setup as like we have in our app.
But mby that’s not crucial.

At the moment I try to reproduce a bug, where the tab sends a request twice (and therefore breaks a saml auth flow).
This only happens, when the basic-auth support is enabled.

Do you think it’s possible to switch from UIWebView to WKWebview within the tabs module?
Being able to use WKNavigationDelegate instead of UIWebViewDelegate would make thinks easier.


This has been on the wish-list for a very long time and might even be possible finally :slight_smile:

The other thing that has to happen is the unification of the ViewControllers for both Tabs and the main application’s web view.

At the moment Tabs is using a slimmed down ViewController which is roughly based on the main app’s.

This has created duplicate code, some subtle bugs and general weirdness that would be good to get rid of.

It would be nice to get Basic-Auth support into the main app’s WebView too!

Now that almost everyone is off UIWebView it’s probably a good time to start thinking about the following for Forge 3.0:

a) deprecating UIWebView permanently
b) unifying the main app view controller with the tabs view controller

That said, it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you wanted to start by porting Tabs to WKWebView in the meantime.

It would help a lot with figuring out the best approach to unification and I’ll be happy to help out where needed.


That’s awesome news. Btw. it would also be very cool to have the upload support in forge core, see

What is the current timelime for 3.0?


And download support on iOS / Android