Unable to build any target

Hi there,


❯ forge build web
[   INFO] Forge tools version: 3.5.4
[   INFO] Update result: you already have the latest tools
[   INFO] Running from build-tools
[   INFO] Using generate_dynamic.buildtools for build
[   INFO] Comparing app assets against build cache
[   INFO] Your app configuration has changed since your last build of this platform, performing a remote build of your app. Once this is downloaded future builds will be faster.
[   INFO] no assets to inject
[   INFO] Starting new build
[   INFO] This could take a while, but will only happen again if you modify config.json
[  ERROR] Forge API call to app/ed766038d2e511e4aace12313b0234c0/build went wrong: Target 'web' is not enabled for this application.

on every target i try to build

There may be an issue with your account. Can you please contact us on support@trigger.io with the email address you used to sign up?