What is happening?


I didn’t come since many month. i use trigger.io since 2014. I just want to do a small update and if I understand well, the toolkit is not supported anymore (but it appear everywhere on the main site, and on the doc. Why ???).

It don’t launch anymore.

Ok, so i have to use command line ?

But who will manage all the platform version and module dependencies that the Toolkit was doing ?

I absolutely don’t know what platform to choose. Last build was 2.7. Should i take 2.8 ? 2.9 ? Nothing can help me on the doc.

I pay more than 100$ per month. But when i need to build, i am totaly lost.

Why do you mention “INSTALL TRIGGER TOOKIT” if it’s not supported and don’t work anymore ? It’s very unprofessional

Can help ?

I left "“platform_version”: “v2.7.8” just to see if it compile, but it take forever time.

I gave up after 10 minutes.


Can you give us an estimated building time for a quite small app ?

I give up after everything seem looping forever

[ DEBUG] https://trigger.io:443 “POST /api/v1/app/e7725424a35611e682b022000ba78726/build HTTP/1.1” 200 None
[ DEBUG] Checking API response for success or error
[ DEBUG] build 609480 is pending…

displaying this endlessly

36 minutes and still looping…

I went to sleep, job is still running ! So there is a problem

Please accept my apologies @iolivier

It looks like Apple took down our iOS build machines some time late last night after announcing their iOS 14 release.

We’ve had issues with this once or twice before but now it appears to have become standard practice for them to disable our ability to use Apple’s developer tools to compile code until we log into their developer website and agree to an updated developer agreement.

Given that Apple do not let us know when this will happen it’s becoming somewhat challenging to keep dedicated build infrastructure running without interruption.

We’ll probably figure out a workatound to this too eventually but, in the meantime, things are spotty and for this I must apologize to you.

To answer the rest of your questions:

  1. Builds should be back up.
  2. You can still use the trigger toolkit, I’m just not going to spend time supporting it anymore. The documentation and website are being updated as I get time.
  3. iOS 14 support will be landing with platform version v2.9.x but it is still in beta (https://trigger.io/docs/current/api/beta_release_notes.html)
  4. The latest version of the platform is v2.8.6. Unless you want to get involved with the beta testing process I suggest you use this version for any upcoming submissions as it has the highest probability of working with what Apple released yesterday.

Again, I’m sorry you had a stressful night.

Hi, no problem. I understand so what happenned reading your message. Thanks

I managed to go ahead by creating an empty project and i found the “2.8.6” thing on the empty project. And i put back my src folder, i can now have output of problems that i am currently fixing (old configuration of old modules).

I use the command line to follow your recommandation

I will tell you if I am successfull


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